LF of Spin-Cast

Who We Are

Rehabilitation industry's leading independent contractor

Nu-Pipe has installed over 250,000 LF of CIPP since we started performing CIPP in 2016. We have completed over 120,000 LF of Spin-Cast Lining.  We began spincasting to rehabilitate stormwater pipes in 2014. We have built our company to be the best at stormwater rehabilitation via CIPP and Spin-Cast Lining. We understand the responsibilities that go with on-call stormwater rehabilitation, and we are proud of our ability to fulfill those responsibilities. We have never had an Owner choose not to renew one of our on-call contracts.

We're experts in

  • Rehabilitation
  • Maintenance
  • Dewatering
  • Stormwater and Drainage Systems
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Unrivaled warranty on any work we perform

Experts in the Rehabilitation, Maintenance, Dewatering, Cleaning and Inspection of Stormwater and Drainage Systems

We cofferdam, dam, dewater, bypass pump, stop infiltration, prevent sinkholes, inject grout, stabilize banks, stabilize soils, compact soils, lift slabs, void fill, CIPP, CCCP, CCPL, CCCPL, Slipline, Spincast, and don’t design and install anything with a lifespan of less than 50 years.

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