Injection Grouting

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Injection Grouting

Nu-Pipe, and all of its employees (sans 2 office employees) are trained and schooled in the injection of a plethora of chemical grouts. We use a variety of polyurethane grouts to achieve a number of goals.

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We are expert in choosing the right product for each job, and in using each of those products.  We inject grout to fill the voids that could later surface as sinkholes; we inject grout to stabilize the soils around ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, streams, sounds, oceans, and bays; we inject grout to compact the fill around existing structures when proper compaction has been lost; we inject grout to stop infiltration – even high-pressure, gushing leaks; and we inject grout to seal cracks.  We have a fleet of pumps capable of pumping every product that could be necessary for use around stormwater drainage systems, natural embankments, and superficial embankments.  Our knowledge and expertise are unrivaled in the industry, and we have the results and referrals to prove that statement.