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Over 50,000 LF from 30" - 144" fully rehabilitated via the spincast method, of which we were innovators and are now masters.

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When we originally incorporated in 2013, we were a spincasting company.  We had three core values:

  • We will invest heavily in R&D so as to remain at the cutting edge of technology.
  • We will build our equipment and choose our products based on consistent performance and situational fit.
  • We will commit to training, developing, and keeping our people who perform this grueling work, and we will therefore do the best work in the industry.

Over 50,000 LF later, we have the same values, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide structurally independent, new pipes with lifespans of at least 50 years via the most cost-effective method on the market.  In large-diameter pipes, that method is most often spincasting, or CCCP (CCPL, CCCPL, Spin-Cast Lining).  Spincasting is a technology that can produce the same results as CIPP with much less cost at large diameters (42″ and up); however, it is difficult work, and it must be performed by the right contractor – we hope you will give us a chance.