Heavy Civil/Highway

Helping rehabilitate, fortify, and grow our country's great highways

Nu-Pipe is proud of the confidence it has earned from DOTs and some of the largest Contractors in the country. We have partnered with virtually all of the largest Heavy Civil/Highway Contractors east of the Mississippi to widen, expand, resurface, rehabilitate, and fortify the interstates and highways that serve as the arteries of the American economy. We are proud to play the small but integral role that we play in these projects, and we are honored to contribute to the continued health and growth of the country's infrastructure.

  • US-1   
  • I-95
  • US-501
  • I-440
  • US-15
  • I-85
  • US-158
  • I-126
  • US-70
  • I-40
  • US-158
  • I-585
  • US-19
  • I-26
  • US-421
  • US-74
  • US-64
  • I-77
  • US-192
  • US-258
  • US-17
  • I-20
  • US-A1A